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These forms and handouts are used for various land development processes in the City of Lakewood. Whether it is building a fence or other new structure, subdividing your property or rezoning property for a new use, the forms below will help get you through the process.

Contact the Planner of the Day to discuss your project. For larger projects, waivers, or variances, you will need to meet with staff before you submit an application.

Forms for those seeking to start the development process

Please note that many of our forms and applications have changed due to the adoption of a new zoning ordinance effective March 31, 2014.  Please discard any old forms and use those provided below.


Fence Permit Application     NEW - Used for all new fences and repair of old fences
Sign Permit Application NEW - Used for all new signs
 Preplanning Application NEW - Used for major development proposals to see what is needed
       For Group Homes Additional form for those seeking to do a group home
       For Rezoning Additional form for those seeking to rezone property
Land Development Application Used after the Preplanning for a formal development case
Subdivision Application Used after the Preplanning for a formal subdivision case
Comprehensive Sign Plan Used for supplemental sign regulation as part of a formal application
Small Animal Permit Application NEW - Used to obtain a permit for hens, ducks, goats, and apiaries (bees)
Variance Application NEW - Used for relief of zoning standards due to extraordinary or exceptional conditions
Waiver Application NEW - Used for relief of zoning standards due to superior design
Nonconforming Use Used to document existing land uses not allowed in zone district


Handouts for those in the development process


Design Manual
Single-Family/Duplex Permit Requirements
Single-Family/Duplex Sample Plot Plan
Accessory Dwelling Units
Landscape Collateral Sheet
Landscape Collateral Sheet for Solterra
Final Site Plan Checklist
Special Use Permit Information Sheet

Handouts for Urban Agriculture

Apiaries (Bees)
Dwarf Goats

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