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When neighbors start talking, good things happen!
Linked LogoOur Lakewood community becomes stronger when neighbors work together. It's easy to focus on your own needs and concerns, but a slight change in outlook can make a big difference in the day-to-day lives of a neighborhood and create a better, safer place to live for everyone.

How can YOU make a difference?

Pick one, two or do them all!

  • Join – a free social networking platform for neighborhoods. More than 137 Lakewood neighborhoods are already talking!
  • Get to know your neighbors – perhaps an elderly neighbor could use help raking or shoveling?
  • Organize potluck parties – claim the street, grab the lawn chairs, fire up the grill
  • Create a neighborhood contact list – know how to reach your neighbors in case of emergency 
  • Organize volunteer clean up days – working together to build a better, cleaner home for all
  • Coordinate neighborhood garage sales – everyone benefits when there’s more to offer
  • Put up a book-lending cupboard – take a book, lend a book 
  • Start a neighborhood work group – many hands make light work, and save money
  • Remove graffiti together– Neighbors who have received an “official notice” to eradicate graffiti, should bring the “official notice” to the KWAL Paint Store at 7105 W. Colfax Ave for up to a 50% discount on removal supplies. See store for details. 
  • Become a Lakewood Sustainable Neighborhood – Gather a few neighbors and work with the City of Lakewood to create a more sustainable neighborhood for generations to come.



Main Res Volunteers

Volunteers making improvements at Main Reservoir.





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Volunteers at Work Montage