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Lakewood Link Renovation Project

The new pool at the Lakewood Link Recreation Center is now open! Thank you to all who provided feedback and were part of the renovation process. Save the date for a grand opening celebration on May 13.

New Link Pool
Lakewood Link Renovation Project


February 13, 2017:

The new pool roof is nearly completed, the new HVAC unit has been successfully tested and the women's locker room has reopened. The new concrete stairs and landing for the large slide were finished this month and the installation of the play feature has also begun. The pool area has been repainted, a new air circulation fan installed, and we are completing work on the air ducts that will help improve air flow. The installation of the new lighting has also begun. In the next few weeks we are looking forward to having a section of the new pool gutters installed, having the pool finish applied, the installation of new handrails and the installation of new sections for the large slide. 

January 11, 2017:

The Link pool and locker room renovations are progressing along as we head into the new year. Demolition of the swimming pool, slide stairs and landing, locker room fixtures and floor, pool roof, pool HVAC unit, and mechanical room went relatively smoothly. We have been able to salvage many of our most identifiable features from the pirate ship, so don’t be surprised if you see an old familiar cannon or treasure chest make a special appearance around Lakewood in the future!


Work will soon be complete on the installation of the new pool roof, and painting has begun in the pool area. The new multi-ton HVAC unit was successfully installed on our roof on January 3rd, and this new HVAC unit that will serve the pool area should provide improved air quality and flow. Concrete was shot and formed into the pool itself in late December, which was exciting to see! Locker rooms have had new tile, countertops, and lockers installed, and benches will be installed soon. The women's locker room should be completely reopened within the next few weeks. The design for the stairs to the pool slide is being slightly modified, and work should begin in the next few weeks on the stairs and the large slide itself. As with any large construction project, we’ve run into minor issues along the way but we still remain on track for the pool to reopen in early Spring 2017. We look forward to seeing all of you very soon!


To see photos of the progress, take a look at our facebook album.