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Lakewood Crime Reduction Project


What are we doing?

In June the Lakewood Police Department began a pilot project to combat crime and traffic problems. This strategy, implemented by law enforcement across the nation, utilizes existing police resources and public safety data in a new way, focusing our efforts where crime and traffic safety problems coexist. 


The ongoing results of this project are available in quarterly reports found using the quick links to the right.


More about this strategy, known as Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS), can be found using the quick link to the right.

What can you expect?

The first location chosen to implement this strategy is in the area of West Colfax Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard. What you can expect in this area is: 

  • A higher and more visible police presence.
  • A larger number of traffic stops and pedestrian contacts.
  • The same professionalism and courtesy Lakewood Police Agents have always provided.

Contact Information:

Commander Heffner
Direct: 303-987-7175 | Email:

Quick Links

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Who came up with this idea?
Are you doing this just to generate revenue through traffic tickets?
Aren’t you just inconveniencing innocent residents with traffic stops rather spending time arresting criminals?
Is this just going to push crime from the hot spot to another area of the city?
Since this is a pilot project, will you continue it if it’s successful?
Will you tell us the results?