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Art on the Commons

The City of Lakewood is pleased to present this year’s Art on the Commons, a rotating sculptural exhibition on Lakewood’s Civic Center Plaza. The artwork is sponsored by the Alameda Gateway Community Association and the Alameda Corridor Business Improvement District. The artwork is on display through June 2018. To learn more about a piece, use Lakewood by cell to hear about the artist, the work and the inspiration. Enjoy!


Sue Quinlan
"Rise of the Maidens"

Concrete and steel
Art on the Plaza Sue Quinlan
Robert Hickler

Art on the Plaza Robert Hickler
Dale Montagne

Stainless steel and bronze
Art on the Plaza Dale Montagne
Robert Bruce Epstein
"Fossil Future"

Fiberglass and enamel
 Art on the Plaza Robert Bruce Epstein
Virginia Folkestad

Aluminum mesh, stainless steel wire, thermoplastic
 Art on the Plaza Virginia Folkestad
Matt Craven
"Craven Fly"

Steel, copper, bronze, concrete, river rock
Art on the Plaza Matt Craven



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