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Video Technology

The City of Lakewood uses video technology in the traffic signal system in two ways:


  • The first is for vehicle detection at an intersection. Conventional vehicle detectors are constructed by embedding coils of copper wire in each lane of the roadway.  Video detection replaces the wire coils and it allows detection zones to be created electronically. One camera can replace the wire coils in all lanes of an approach to the intersection.


  • The second video application is for monitoring traffic and managing congestion. Using pan tilt and zoom cameras, Traffic Engineering can monitor flow at various intersections. The advantage in being able to see what traffic is doing is that it allows the City to react quickly to an incident and help alleviate potential traffic congestion. The cameras are also used to verify that timing programs are working correctly. 


Video Recording of Crashes

Recorded video is normally retained by the Lakewood Police Department for 30 days.


To request a copy of video of a crash, you must have filed a police report.


If you have filed a police report, the police investigator may have requested that the video be preserved beyond that time period.  To find out if he/she did, please contact the investigator assigned to your case.  You will need your police case number.


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Lakewood does not use cameras for red light or speed enforcement.



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