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Zero Waste

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Zero waste goes beyond recycling and takes a holistic approach toward our resources through extraction, manufacturing, distribution, consumption, and disposal. The City of Lakewood is dedicated to responsibly managing waste in all of our municipal operations through source reduction, recycling, composting, and proper disposal of hazardous materials.


Learn more about how you can go zero waste by visiting our zero waste tools webpage!


Green Purchasing
  • The City's Purchasing Division works with every City department to procure sustainable materials whenever possible. The Municipal Code (3.04.190 Green Procurement) states:

"The City of Lakewood's sustainability efforts encourage the procurement of green products that meet or exceed current performance levels and are not prohibitive in terms of cost, delivery, time, or other logistical factors, as determined by the City. (Ord. O-2012-7 § 1, 2012)"

  • New carpeting in the Civic Center buildings is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life-cycle. It is Carbon Free certified by and is low VOC made from a mix of new and recycled materials.





Waste Reduction

  • In 2014, Lakewood City Council adopted a Zero Waste Initiative as an effort to reduce waste and recycle and compost materials from City Council meetings and communications.

  • The City conducted an office copier and paper use audit prior to installing new copiers (multi-functional devices). The new devices significantly reduce paper consumption by providing scanning, email, and other digital services. The devices are 98% recycled at the end of their useful life-cycle, and 100% of ink cartridges are recycled through a "Zero to Waste Landfill" recycling program.

  • All incoming packaging materials are reused by the mail room for outgoing packages.

  • In 2012, the City implemented a paperless payroll system saving 39,000 pieces of paper and 39,000 envelopes each year.

  • City online services, providing digital options for submitting forms and documents, continue to expand. Providing online services saves paper and increases efficiency of operations and ease of record retention.


Recycling and Composting
  • Since 1993, the City has provided single-stream recycling in City offices, recreation centers, and community and art centers. Approximately 300 tons of materials are recycled each year from City facilities.

  • The City's shredding services for confidential documents and media is picked up every 8 weeks. Paper is shredded into fine confetti and securely bailed for recycling. The program saves an estimated 150 trees annually.

  • The City composts waste from several facilities, including the Lakewood Civic Center, Lakewood Heritage Center, the Golf Course Restaurants, and two Head Start facilities. 

  • Through recycling, composting, and volunteer efforts, the City has gone zero waste at many of its events, including the annual employee picnic, Earth Day, and Cider Days.



Recycling Centers



Community Cleanups

  • Lakewood partners with arc Thrift Stores to offer citywide cleanup days to collect residents' appliances and other hard-to-recycle home items. In 2014, the cleanup days event diverted nearly 200 tons from the landfill.