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The City of Lakewood strives to create transportation systems that enhance public health and overall quality of life. This includes City leadership through greening the City's vehicle fleet, sustainable street maintenance, and promoting sustainable employee commutes.


Transportation Systems


  • The City's street-marking paint is water-based, which prevents the release of noxious fumes into the air and chemicals into the soil.

  • Regular reviews of traffic light signal timing have successfully reduced travel times on major City streets by more than 10%. Benefits include less air pollution, increased fuel efficiency, and better gas mileage.

  • Asphalt used for street maintenance includes 20-30% recycled materials and 100% of asphalt is recycled during street maintenance projects.

  • Lakewood is one of the first municipalities in the country to use warm-mix asphalt, a new technology that reduces the amount of heat needed to lay asphalt, saving significant amounts of energy.

  • The City fleet has four electric vehicles.

Employee Commuting

  • The City encourages employees to walk, bike, and take transit to work through outreach campaigns like the Denver Regional Council Government's Go-Tober program and Bike to Work Day.

  • The City partners with the Lakewood Bicycle Advisory Team to provide bicycling education to its employees.