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Education & Outreach

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Creating a sustainable Lakewood requires participation from government, residents, and businesses. The City of Lakewood strives to engage the community at all levels through information distribution, events, and programs.


Employees' Committee for a Sustainable Lakewood 

The Employees' Committee for a Sustainable Lakewood is a cross-departmental committee that was established in 2007. The committee is responsible for:

  • Educational and outreach programs for employees

  • Providing research on ways to increase operational efficiency and sustainability

  • Planning and hosting community events, including the City's annual Sustainability Awards and Earth Day celebration

  • Planting and maintaining the annual employee herb garden

  • Collecting and sharing ideas that encourage sustainable lifestyle choices for employees


Earth Day Celebration


  • Lakewood celebrates Earth Day with a variety of activities, including an annual Earth Day Celebration in April that showcases companies, agencies, and organizations who help attendees make more sustainable choices.


Sustainability Media


  • The City maintains a monthly sustainability newsletter and Facebook page with community news, City updates, and educational articles.

  • The City launched the Lakewood Sustainability Cooperative, a network of of residents, businesses, and other community partners who volunteer their knowledge, experience, and skills to support sustainability efforts in the community.