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Scoop Projects

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Below is a list of current projects for active Scoop participants. If you are interested in participating and have not received an invitation, please contact



Project: Recycling Outreach

Join the effort to spread awareness on the benefits of recycling.


Project: Image Database

Use this form to submit high quality images related to Lakewood or sustainability.


Project: Marketing Toolkit

Help us grow the Lakewood Scoop by sharing with your networks!


Partner Project: Workshop Facilitator

Is there a sustainability topic that you would like to share your knowledge and skills with community residents? Sprout City Farms hosts workshops throughout the season on various topics ranging from urban agriculture to sustainable living. Email to learn more!


Partner Project: Bike Farm Stand Design & Build

Do you have design, engineering or construction skills? Sprout City Farms is looking into developing a bike farm stand and needs your skills. A bike farm stand would allow farmers to reach more community residents and ensure the produce is grown and distributed in the immediate community. Email to learn more!