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About the Scoop

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The determination and enthusiasm of residents is the core of the our sustainability efforts. Community members have driven sustainability in Lakewood to new levels, as seen in projects completed by Lakewood’s Sustainable Neighborhoods, research undertaken by the Advisory Commission for an Inclusive Community and participation in work groups to develop Lakewood's first Sustainability Plan. Through the leadership and support of residents, businesses and other stakeholders, Lakewood’s sustainability goals truly reflect the values of the community.

As the Sustainability Plan is implemented, using local knowledge has the potential to increase effectiveness, as well as build leadership and relationships within the Lakewood community. That’s where the Scoop comes in! The Scoop is a network of community stakeholders committed to sustainability in Lakewood. By tapping local expertise and skills, Lakewood can build a deeper understanding of our issues and develop more creative solutions.

Learn More

  •  Visit our policies webpage to find out how the Scoop relates to Lakewood government.

  • Visit our projects webpage to see past projects and current opportunities to participate.

Contact Information:

Sustainability Division Contact
North Building
470 S. Allison Pkwy
Lakewood, CO 80226
Direct: 303-987-7515 | Email: