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Sustainability Award Criteria

Sustainability Awards 2012 - 700x225 Sustainability Awards 2015 (3) - 700x225

 Project Achievement Areas

Awards may be presented to projects, youth, businesses and City employees who promote sustainability in one or more of the following areas:

  • Climate Change & Adaptation: Projects that reduce greenhouse gases or help our community respond to heat waves, intense storms, droughts and other extreme weather events. 

  • Energy, Water & the Built Environment: Projects that conserve energy and water, promote renewable energy or use building design to enhance the environment. 

  • Resilient Economy: Projects that help grow a strong, local economy and provide opportunities for households to improve their quality of life through education and employment. 

  • Zero Waste: Projects that reduce waste by thoughtful procurement of materials and keep materials out of the landfill through reuse, composting and recycling. 

  • Community Cohesion & Public Health: Projects that support healthy and active living and promote community building and personal connections. 

  • Natural Systems: Projects that support healthy ecosystems and protect biodiversity. 

  • Sustainable Transportation: Projects that encourage multimodal travel options — like walking, biking and taking transit — or that contribute to safer streets, cleaner air and connected communities. 

Award Evaluation Criteria

A panel of evaluators, made up of residents, Lakewood staff and city leaders, will evaluate the nominations based on how well the projects or initiatives meet the following criteria:

  • Has a Positive Impact - The project must have a meaningful and demonstrable impact in Lakewood by helping protect the environment or enhance the quality of life for residents.

  • Embraces Innovation/Creativity - The project should reflect a new concept, technology or practice in Lakewood and should employ new ideas in the industry. 

  • Overcomes Challenges - The project should explain what challenges were overcome.

  • Is Transferable - The project should be able to be replicated by others in similar situations.

  • Demonstrates Initiative - The project should reflect how the individual or group took action to move sustainability forward in their community.

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