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Planning Process

The planning process for the Sustainability Plan began in the fall of 2013, involving 8 open houses, 87 work group participants, and over 450 volunteer hours from the Lakewood community and stakeholders. 


Residents were also invited to submit their comments through an online suggestion form, which was available from July 2013 through May 2015. Continue reading for more information on each phase.

Phase I Joint Open Houses

The planning process began with a series of five open houses. Each open house was designed to facilitate discussion and ideas and provide the opportunity for residents, property owners and businesses that are a part of the Lakewood community to offer input for updating the Comprehensive Plan and creating a new Sustainability Plan.


Phase II - Work Groups

Six work groups were organized to address a wide range of sustainability topics. Residents were invited to participate at the open houses, as well as through the City's website. City staff, community stakeholders, and industry professionals joined residents in each work group to discuss existing challenges and collaborate on goals, objectives, targets, and strategies that would eventually become the Sustainability Plan. Below is information and materials about each work group.



Work Groups


 Sustainability Plan Work Groups

Phase III - Joint Open Houses

The third phase involved gathering feedback on the draft plan. The City hosted two evening open houses and one daytime open house for the public to review the draft Sustainability Plan and provide feedback. Based on this feedback, staff revised the Sustainability Plan to more accurately reflect the vision of the Lakewood community.


Phase IV - Public Hearings and Adoption Process

City staff presented the final draft Sustainability Plan before Planning Commission and City Council at a joint study session to discuss the planning process and resulting plan. On April 1, 2015 a public hearing was held before Planning Commission, followed by the formal adoption of the Sustainability Plan by Planning Commission. On May 11, 2015 a public hearing was held before City Council, followed by the formal approval of the Sustainability Plan by City Council. 


Watch the May 11, 2015 City Council meeting to listen to the discussion and formal approval of the Sustainability Plan by City Council.


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