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Lakewood Street Lighting Standards

The safety of the traveling public is the City's primary objective when installing street lights. As a matter of policy, street lights are installed according to the following standards:.  


Arterials (Major streets such as Wadsworth and Kipling) : Lighting units (250 watt) along arterials are spaced at a minimum of 150 feet on alternating sides of the street. All intersections are provided with street lighting.


Collectors: (Examples include Garrison, Mississippi, 20th Ave.): Lighting units (250 watt) along collectors are spaced at a minimum of 250 feet on alternating sides of the street. All intersections are provided with street lighting. 


Locals: The developer for new housing areas zoned residential, or similarly-zoned planned developments, installs curb or driveway lighting on a photocell for each property instead of street lights.  


Street lighting units will be installed along existing local streets only upon petition of a majority of the adjacent property owners and when the City determines there is a traffic hazard.


The City will not install private property lighting. Private area lighting can be purchased from Xcel Energy, but a City permit may be required. If you would like more information on area lighting, please contact your local Xcel Energy customer service representative at 1-800-895-4999.


 Street Lights

To Report A Street Light Problem

Street light repair in the City of Lakewood is performed by Xcel Energy.  If you observe a problem with a street light, you can report the problem to Xcel at 1-800-895-4999.


Or you may contact Traffic Engineering at 303-987-7980 or use the Request Lakewood form below.  We will need the following information:


  • Where is the street light located? (Please indicate the street name and nearest house number)


  • Is there a direction to the street name? (e.g., North Teller Street or South Teller Street)


  • What is the nearest cross street? 


  • Is the light out or flickering on and off?


Light Location:

  • Corner (Please indicate which corner, e.g., NW, SE, NE, SW)
  • Mid-block
  • Parking Lot
  • Alley

In addition, most street lights will have an Xcel facility tag like the one pictured above on the pole. Providing these numbers when reporting a problem is the best way to ensure that Xcel will locate the problem and fix it quickly.



To Report A General Power Outage

If you are experiencing a general power outage in your area, please contact Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999.

Street Light Pole







Questions, Complaints, Concerns?

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