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Permanent Speed Display Signs

Permanent Speed Display Signs rev

Can I Get a Permanent Speed Display Sign Installed On My Street?


City's Speed Display Device Policy 


A permanent speed display sign can only be installed on arterial (e.g., Kipling) and collector (e.g., Garrison) streets, not local streets.


The average daily traffic volume must exceed 2,000 vehicles a day and a traffic study must show that the average speed is over the posted speed limit.


If you would like to request a traffic study, please visit Request Lakewood (bottom of page). 


If the street meets the criteria, the resident who requested the sign(s) will receive a petition to be circulated among the residents of the street where the sign would be located. The petition must be signed by 95 percent of the households and at least 80 percent must be in favor of the sign.


PLEASE NOTE: You must live on a street in order to request a permanent speed display sign on that street.


The cost of the installation of a speed display sign is shared on a 90/10 basis, with ninety percent of the cost paid by the City and ten percent of the cost paid by households. The City pays all maintenance costs.


Current total cost of a pair of signs is $12,000 to $15,000. The residents' share is $1,200 to $1,500.

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