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Snow and Ice Control

Motor Grader at Street Corner

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Residents are responsible for clearing all snow from their sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of a storm. Please pile the snow on your yard, not in the street.


The City clears snow from more than 80 miles of bike paths and sidewalks in various areas.  To report a sidewalk that has not been cleared after the 24 hour period, please visit Request Lakewood.

The Snow Plan

Snow removal on public streets in Lakewood is one of the Public Works Department's major responsibilities.  The Street Maintenance Division has developed a comprehensive snow plan outlining the network of streets that will be cleared, kept open and maintained except under unusual conditions.  The snow plan is intended to organize snow-removal operations and keep traffic moving throughout the community.


The snow removal plan sets the following priorities:

Priority One

Arterials and major collector streets.

  Tandem Snow Plowing

Priorities Two and Three

Minor collector streets, school zones, hilly residential streets and shopping areas.

 Snow Plow on Green Mountain

Residential Streets

Residential streets are plowed only when snow depth seriously impedes vehicle mobility and melting is not forecast to occur quickly. 


(Large file may require a longer download time) 

Snow Plan Operation


City crews begin plowing and sanding priority one streets when snow begins to accumulate on the pavement.  After the priority one streets have been adequately cleared, crews move to priority two and three streets.


City crews work around the clock until the snowfall has stopped and all priority streets have been plowed and sanded to an acceptable level.


Priority routes are routinely plowed and sanded during each snowstorm. Sanding provides traction and is normally done only at intersections, on hills and curves or in specific problem areas.


Once all priority one, two and three streets are adequately cleared, residential streets are plowed when snow depth seriously impedes vehicle mobility and melting is not forecast to occur quickly.

Additional Services

 Ice Removal with Grader

Ice Removal
Heavy snow and continued freeze-and-thaw cycles will sometimes cause a buildup of ice in gutters or on street crosspans.  When this happens, City crews will remove the ice on a complaint basis, as resources allow. 

Questions, Complaints, Concerns?

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