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Residential Trash & Recycling

Trash and recycling services in Lakewood are provided by private waste haulers. To begin service, residents can visit our commercial waste hauler webpage for a list of licensed haulers. The City of Lakewood encourages its residents to recycle through curbside service or by visiting the Quail St. Recycling Center.


Lakewood's communitywide Sustainability Plan includes strategies to increase residential recycling and achieve community goals around waste diversion, local business, health, and quality of life. When the City begins the process of addressing this topic, there will be include multiple opportunities for public involvement.


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Q: I don't have recycling service. Where can I recycle?

A: The Quail St. Recycling Center offers free recycling services for scrap metal, glass, paper, plastic, aluminum cans, and cardboard. Check periodically with your trash hauler to see if they have added or updated their recycling services. 

Q: What are Lakewood's goals regarding trash and recycling?

A: In 2015, City Council approved Lakewood's first communitywide Sustainability Plan, which include goals, targets, and strategies regarding community waste diversion and recycling. We encourage you to read the Zero Waste chapter to learn more.


Q: When does the City plan to address concerns regarding residential trash and recycling?

A: The City is in the research phase to identify potential program or policy recommendations to address residential trash and recycling.


Q: How can I stay up to date on activities regarding residential trash and recycling?

A: Sign up for our Sustainability Newsletter to stay informed about opportunities to participate in sustainability projects in Lakewood. 


Q: Can anyone haul in Lakewood?

A: Trash and recycling haulers are required to be licensed to operate in Lakewood. The City provides a complete list of licensed haulers.

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