Sanitary Sewer Maintenance

Workers at Street Access Hole

Lakewood residents receive sanitary sewer service through a number of different providers. View a map of Lakewood sewer-service areas to determine if your property is within this boundary.  If you need further assistance determining your sewer-service provider, please call 303-987-7615.

Within the City of Lakewood service area, the Public Works Maintenance Department  maintains the City’s sanitary sewer mains. Property owners are responsible for maintaining their private sewer-service line from the sewer main in the street to the building. For assistance with sewer-line maintenance, or to report blockage problems, please call 303-987-7950 or email us.

Emergency Assistance After Hours

For emergency assistance after hours, please call Lakewood Police Dispatch at 303-987-7111.

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How do I report a sewer backup?