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Forensic Services

Gun Examination 475 x 225

The Forensic Services Team is comprised of a crime scene response unit, as well as a digital evidence function.

The crime scene response unit locates, identifies, documents, collects and preserves physical evidence collected at crime scenes. They are also responsible for specialized forensic examinations such as Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA), Footwear and Tire Track Examinations (FW/TT) and Shooting Incident Reconstruction (SIR).  The Lakewood Police crime scene response unit also provides crime scene response services for the Wheat Ridge Police Department under a contractual agreement that was approved in 2006.

The digital evidence function includes the forensic examination of cellular phones and the retrieval and preservation of surveillance video from systems located at businesses and residences throughout the city in furtherance of a criminal investigation.


Additional forensic examinations such as latent fingerprints, DNA, firearms examination and drug chemistry are submitted to the Jefferson County Regional Crime Lab (JCRCL) in Golden, CO.  The Lakewood Police Department is a full partner with this lab and provides direct support in the form of forensic specialists and operational funds through a contractual agreement with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, as well as other participating City Police Departments in the county.


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