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Prevent Auto Theft

Automobile theft is a frequent, costly crime - a crime of opportunity. Your vehicle is often your second largest purchase and theft results in financial loss and great inconvenience. The following are steps to prevent vehicle theft and theft of your belongings:

When Parking Your Vehicle:


HIDE your belongings


LOCK your car


TAKE your keys


  • Always park in your garage if you have one. Lock your car, close all windows and lock the garage doors. If that is not possible, always park in a well-lighted area, whether at home, work, school or at a retail shopping area. (This also adds to your personal safety.)
  • Do not hide a key in your parked car. Take your keys with you. When parking in "attended" lots or parking garages, leave only the ignition key with the attendant. Never leave your key ring with other keys or with a tag that provides your name, address or telephone number.
  • Be cautious about parking your car in an untended lot or space (where, for example, you are required to swipe a credit card for payment, or insert money in a payment slot). Vehicles can be stolen from these unattended parking lots and spaces.


Protect Your Property:

  • Lock your vehicle's doors and close the windows.
  • DON'T leave your registration, insurance card or other important identification papers in the car.
  • REMOVE your valuable items. Take them with you, or  if possible, put them in the trunk, not under the car seat or in the glove compartment. Some common stolen items include all varieties of computers, shopping packages, stereos, MP3 Players, compact discs, purses, cell phones and briefcases.
  • NEVER start your car's engine and leave it unattended. This is particularly true in winter months when vehicles are left running to warm the engine and the interior. Leaving your vehicle unattended, whether at your home or elsewhere, invites a quick theft. Police call this type of vehicle a "puffer." Police volunteers work during the winter to leave fliers on windshields of cars they see running unattended to alert motorists to the problem.

Protect Your License Plate:
While it is important to protect your vehicle, it is of equal importance that you protect your license plates by using anti-theft license plate screws. These can be found at most auto accessory supply businesses. Stolen plates can be used to disguise a stolen vehicle, to commit other crimes and to commit traffic violations.

Install a Security Device:
There are a variety of security devices to consider, varying in price:

  • Concealed ignition/starter "kill" switches that must be activated for the vehicle to run
  • Steering wheel lock bars
  • Alarm systems
  • Vehicle locator services such as LoJack.

Other Measures:
If you are a victim, notify Lakewood Police and file a report. Notify neighbors, neighborhood groups such as Neighborhood Watch or the business or building management. Report suspicious or criminal behavior. Call (303) 980-7300. In an emergency, call 911.

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