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Your Neighbor's Dog

  • Animal Control suggests speaking with the animal's owner about the ongoing disturbance. Remember, it is unreasonable to expect complete silence, and most pet owners do not want their pet to be an irritation. They may not realize that their pet's barking is a problem, especially if it happens when the owner is not at home. The problem can often be solved with a neighborly conversation. It is not productive to yell at the dog and assume the owner will address the barking problem. It's important to speak to a responsible adult at the residence, not the children or teenagers of the home.
  • Contact Animal Control if a neighborly conversation is not possible, or if you have spoken to them and the problem persists. We will ask you questions about the disturbance, including the address of the animal, the duration and frequency, a description of the animal and how you know it is the one causing the problem. Answers to these questions will determine the extent of the problem and whether it violates sections of Lakewood's noise ordinance. You will then be asked to document disturbing episodes, recording the dates, times and durations. Animal Control will either post an official complaint notice on the owner's door or directly contact the owner.
  • There may be many reasons why an owner fails to curb a pet's excessive barking. If warnings are ineffective and the owner does not take action to curb the disturbance, it may be necessary to file a summons complaint, which requires an owner to pay a fine or appear in court with a not guilty plea. If the case goes to trial, you may be called as a witness. Another option is to request mediation from the court.
  • To file a complaint, Animal Control will need your full name, address and phone contact information, a detailed description of the animal, exact address, dates, times and durations of the violation. You must be able to identify the animal causing the disturbance.



Contact Information:

Animal Control
445 S. Allison Pkwy.
Lakewood, CO 80226
Direct: 303-987-7173

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