2013 Citizens' Planning Academy

The 2013 Citizens’ Planning Academy is underway!

The popular Citizens’ Planning Academy is a dynamic and interactive program intended to provide citizens with a background in the fundamentals of city planning. 


This program provides future members of City Council, boards, and commissions, along with neighborhood leaders and active citizens, with the opportunity to learn more about the nuts and bolts of city planning and to participate in lively discussions about how city planning helps to shape our community. 


The Citizens’ Planning Academy is made up of six 3 ½ hour evening sessions that begin in late August and continue through early November. 

Class Information

The Citizens’ Planning Academy begins in late August and continues through early November. Most of the 3 ½ hour sessions will meet on alternate Thursday although we will have one Saturday morning session.


Session 1

Aug. 29

Welcome & Community Visioning

Jeff Winston, MIG/Winston

Class Material:  Here is the presentation from Session 1.
  1. Use Lakewood ezMaps to look up the current zoning for your home address.  Spend a few minutes exploring the information that is provided. 

  2. Read the material provided in the Introduction to Planning section of your Citzens Planning Academy binder.
  3. Take the Session Survey


Session 2

Sept. 12

Zoning and Subdivision

Thomas J. Ragonetti

Class Material:  Here is the outline from Session 2.
  1. Think about your daily travel patterns…
    * How many trips per day do you make in your car?
    * Estimate how much time you spend a month in your car.
    * Pick one of your frequent destinations and figure out how you could travel from home to the destination: 
        - On foot 
        - Using Public transit 
        - By bicycle

    * What are the obstacles or inconveniences of traveling to your destinations on foot or by bicycle or public transit?

  2. Visit the streetfilms.org website and view a few of their “Moving Beyond the Automobile” video series. (Each of these videos is between 3 and 6 minutes long.) 
  3. Take the Session Survey



Session 3

Sept. 26   

Transportation Planning

Vince Auriemma & Carlos Hernandez

Class Material:

Here is Vince Auriemma's presentation.

And here is the material that Carlos Hernandez shared:


  1. To prepare for the upcoming hands-on Site Planning session, please read Why Do Site Plan Review, and
  2. Visit the site at 965 Sheridan Blvd.  This is the site that we will be examining in the Site Planning session.
  3. Take the Session Survey


Session 4             Oct. 12         Site Planning Hands On Exercise

Class Material:



  1. Take the Session Survey!


Session 5 Oct. 24 Legal Issues In Planning

Class Material:

Here is Bob Widner's presentation


  1. Prepare for the mock Planning Commission hearing by reading the complete packet.
  2. Read the news article about the recent legal challenge in Denver.
  3. Complete the Session Survey!


Session 6

 Nov. 7

 Mock Public Hearing & Graduation

CPA Site Plan Exercise 1CPA Site Plan Exercise 2CPA Site Plan Exercise 3