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Station Area Plans

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The City of Lakewood has completed an extensive planning and community involvement effort to create a vision and framework for future redevelopment in defined areas adjacent to rail stations within the city. The station areas identified are Sheridan , Lamar , Lakewood-Wadsworth , Garrison , Oak and the Federal Center Stations.

The Station Area Plans were drafted following a series of public workshops, during which hundreds of individual neighbors, property owners, business owners and interested citizens provided ideas and input about the future land use patterns and densities around the six stations.

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The Planning Commission and City Council adopted the Sheridan, Wadsworth, Oak and Union Corridor Station Area Plans as part of the Lakewood Comprehensive Plan in November 2006. The Garrison and Lamar Street Station Area Plans were adopted in March 2010.  

The Station Area Plans
  • Encompass areas approximately one-quarter to one-half mile from the station platforms.
  • Address future land development and redevelopment patterns and densities within clearly defined geographic areas.
  • Reflect transit-oriented development principles.
  • Are unique to each station area, reflecting the surrounding context, existing uses, the marker potential for development and other location-specific elements.
  • Include proposed future land uses and enhancements around the stations to promote mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly development.  

West Colfax Avenue Planning

In addition to planning for future transit-oriented development around the six rail stations, the City has engaged in planning efforts for the West Colfax Avenue corridor.

West Colfax Avenue, located just two blocks north of the rail line through much of Lakewood, is the city’s “Main Street” and a major bus transportation route. Although the corridor was primarily developed during the era of the automobile, the City is taking steps to create a more pedestrian-friendly street through the adoption of the West Colfax Avenue Action Plan and mixed-use zoning.  

A Comprehensive Planning Strategy

The station area and Colfax Avenue planning efforts reflect Lakewood’s commitment to improving and enhancing the transit environment through the city by creating a true mixed-use corridor -- that stretches nearly 3 ½ miles -- that includes hundreds of properties ripe for redevelopment, such as vibrant residential, office, retail and light industrial projects.

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