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The Hiring Process

The Lakewood Police Department is a progressive organization seeking a diverse range of applicants. The hiring process for police agent involves a number of progressive steps the applicant must successfully complete before an offer of employment is given. Each of the steps is used to evaluate the suitability of the applicant for employment.


Applicants are selected based on an overall evaluation of their individual performance in all areas of testing. All elements of the testing process shall be administered, scored, evaluated and interpreted uniformly.


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Application Submission and Review

Applications are accepted online when the position is open. To be notified of the next opening, fill out a job interest request HERE. This service provides a review of the application for accuracy and completeness. The applicant's experience and educational achievements are noted during this review to ensure that the basic qualifications are met. If there are no deficiencies in these areas, the application is passed on to the Police Department.


Applicants who are rejected from further consideration because they do not meet the basic position requirements will be contacted by a DER representative.   Those accepted for further consideration will notified of the date, time, and other details about the testing process.

Essential Functions Examination

This element consists of an obstacle course, which is designed to test ability to perform the essential physical functions of the job of a police agent. Applicants will be given an informational packet describing the essential functions examination. Failure to successfully complete the course within time limits, will result in dismissal.

Suitability Test

Suitability tests are designed to predict counter productive behaviors, similar to those screened for during psychological evaluations and polygraph examinations.

Oral Board

The board may ask questions in areas of judgment, communication skills, interpersonal relations, integrity, professional commitment, general demeanor, work experience and general knowledge.

Psychological Screening

The applicant will be directed to complete a written psychological screening instrument. This will be followed by an interview with a psychologist at a later time.


All applicants shall take a polygraph examination. The polygraph is used in review of an applicant’s qualifications and suitability.

Background Investigation

Applicants shall be investigated as to character, conduct, driving record, employment history, criminal history and references.

Hiring Decisions

Once all relevant data is collected on applicants, the Professional Standards Section Commander and members of DER decide whether to offer or decline employment based on the applicant’s background and needs of the department.

Medical Examination

Applicants accepted for employment are directed to a physician of the City's choice for a medical examination. The medical exam is conducted by licensed physicians contracted by the City. Applicants who undergo the exam have been offered a job contingent upon their passing the medical testing. Upon successful completion of the exam, drug testing and receiving a favorable recommendation by the physician, the applicant will be sent a formal written offer of employment.

Essential Functions Test

Contact Information:

Employee Relations Department
480 S. Allison Parkway
Lakewood, CO 80226
Direct: 303-987-7700

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