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Crime Reduction Project to Begin

The Lakewood Police Department is launching a modern way to fight crime and reduce traffic accidents with the Lakewood Crime Reduction Project. Using the most up-to-date crime and traffic statistics, the project identifies “hot spots” of where and when criminal incidents and traffic accidents occur most frequently. During the next six months of this pilot project, the department will saturate a hot spot with highly visible patrols at a specific time to address crime and traffic issues.

The project’s goal is to improve the quality of life for residents and businesses, and it is using data analysis in a new way to focus the department’s effort on improving its service to the community. Several other cities are also using this approach including Denver, and the results have been as much as a 35 percent decrease in crimes such as auto theft, illegal narcotics and prostitution as well as traffic violations such as running red lights, aggressive driving and hit-and-run accidents.

“Having your car stolen or broken into or being in a traffic accident certainly negatively affects your life, and we want to increase the quality of life for our residents and business owners with this project,” said Commander Pat Heffner, who is overseeing the project.

This targeted approach to fighting crime has been effective because cars are frequently used to commit crimes. Criminals typically drive to and from their crimes, and putting saturation patrols on the street at the time when data shows criminal incidents occur most often increases the possibility of catching criminals. The saturation patrols put agents on the street when traffic accidents occur most frequently. The first saturation patrol will occur on June 4, 2014.

The department’s traffic teams and specialized units will conduct the highly visible patrols, keeping all other resources available to respond to emergency calls. With the use of on-duty traffic and specialized teams for the project, the department’s response time to emergency situations will remain the same.

Visit www.Lakewood.org/LCRP akewood.org/LCRP for updates, and frequently asked questions about the project.
Posted on: Wednesday, June 04, 2014