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Lakewood Police Find Unusual Cache of Items at Vacant House

Lakewood detectives are investigating what appears to be an unusual cache of items at a vacant house in their city. At about 3:30 on Thursday October 17, 2013, Lakewood police were called to the residence in the 1200 block of Kline St. A cleaning crew that had been hired by a realtor to prepare the house for listing, found what they believed to be items that could possibly be human remains.

In observing the contents of the shed, responding police agents could in fact see what appeared to be bones and other objects perhaps used in some type of occult worship.

Lakewood detectives obtained a search warrant for the entire property including the residence prior to continuing their investigation. Subsequently, detectives searched the entire property including the shed where they found several bones that were obviously those of animals. In addition they found some that are most likely human and were collected. Those will be sent to a lab for further examination to determine if in fact they are human and to see if any type of DNA can be recovered. The process could take several weeks or quite possibly months.

Further investigation revealed that a man who once lived there was quite possibly an occultist. He moved from the property approximately 15-years-ago and is now deceased. The contents of the shed however were extremely soiled and dust covered and very possibly may have been undisturbed for that length of time. One of the man’s relatives lived at the house until a few months ago. Detectives have no evidence at this time that would indicate the property including the shed were ever a crime scene. They feel it more likely that the items were acquired elsewhere and brought to the Kline St. location.

In the event that any of the items are positively identified as being human in nature, detectives indicate that it may prove very difficult to determine when and where they were obtained. Detectives are asking anyone who may information that would assist them in their investigation to call the Lakewood Police Department at 303-987-7111.

Posted on: Wednesday, October 23, 2013