Coyote Conflicts: Study Comes to Lakewood

Coyotes are out and about in Lakewood as their life cycle enters breeding season, so be on the lookout, living with wildlife in Lakewood.


Learn more to keep your family and pets safe and avoid coyote conflicts.


Lakewood is a partner in a Denver metro area coyote study and as a result, signs and cameras will be installed in Belmar Park and the Bear Creek Greenbelt this month. The cameras will track coyote activity, and the signs will direct residents to report coyote sightings. Later in February, signs encouraging and instructing residents to haze coyotes will be installed along the greenbelt. The signs and cameras will be removed from both locations in early March. See more information on the Bear Creek Greenbelt webpage.


You can also watch three informational coyote videos.

Posted on: Friday, February 07, 2014