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Heritage Days

Kids dancing at Heritage Days Kids in classroom at Heritage Days Kids watching a demonstration at Heritage days Kids with Sheeps

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Activites for Students

Activities such as Sheepherding and a Day in the Country School are teamed with Colorado Model Content Standards for history including but not limited to 1.1, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2, & 4.1. 

Sheepherding An interactive demonstration that shares some of the work that was involved in raising animals and the role brilliant dogs often play in farm life.
Make your own Victory Garden During World War I and World War II, the entire United States participated in a type of urban and suburban homesteading called a “victory garden”. Students will explore early 1900s farming through interaction with a real-life victory garden, a henhouse, and tractors. They will also have the opportunity to create and take home their own planted seed.
Silent Movie Science Before there were color televisions, there were silent black-and-white films. Beginning with an interactive lesson about how cameras and eyes work, the participants will work together in groups to create a kit house (an early 1900s structure ordered in sections from a magazine). Students will then produce a musical cacophony as they provide the sounds for a hilarious silent film about life in the 1920s.
Square Dancing Square dancing is an important recreational activity in early western towns, exemplifying community togetherness regardless of country of origin. This program will touch on the history of American folk dancing, concluding with a participatory lesson.
Day in the Country School “Boys and girls, take a seat at your desk.  Make sure to sit properly and keep those girls’ pigtails out of the ink.”  Students will have the opportunity to explore a school day in rural 1920s Lakewood.  Using McGuffey Readers, lessons and recitations, participants will experience a day in the museum’s historic schoolhouse.


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