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Public Improvement Fee at Belmar


Effective May 1st 2013, the Belmar PIF schedule and City of Lakewood sales tax return must be filed together on a single return form. If you have not received your new forms or need additional information regarding this filing change, please contact the City of Lakewood Revenue Division.   


It is recommended for PIF retailers to file/pay their returns online via Lakewood Business Pro to avoid filing errors.             


The Public Improvement Fee (PIF) is collected and used to finance a portion of the cost of public improvements at Belmar.

The PIF at Belmar is 2.5% on all sales transactions, as defined in the PIF Covenant. The PIF is a fee and NOT a tax; therefore, it becomes a part of the total sales price and is subject to sales tax.

At Belmar, the combined sales tax rate of 5.5% is to be collected on the total taxable purchase price. Upon an annual review, the City sales tax rate may be subject to change. Deliveries made within the City of Lakewood, but outside Belmar, are subject to the 3.0% City sales tax.



If your event will be held at Belmar, please contact the Public Improvement Fee Section to obtain the correct PIF and tax rate information.

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