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Temporary/Seasonal Businesses and Special Events

If you are participating in a special event in Lakewood, the event promoter can elect to collect the sales tax for all the vendors, or each vendor may be responsible for remitting the tax they have collected.

If you are only participating in one event in the City and the event promoter is not collecting the tax on your behalf, you can file a Special Event return via Lakewood Business Pro by selecting the "File a special event return" link. Tax collected must be remitted to the City no later than the 20th day of the month following the event.

If you participate in multiple events a year, you are required to obtain a City of Lakewood Sales/Use Tax License.


If your business has engaged in a one-time sale to a customer in Lakewood, please contact the finance department at (303) 987-7630 to obtain a one-time miscellaneous return form.  No license is required for one-time sales.

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