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Nonprofit/Exempt Organizations

The City of Lakewood allows qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations an exemption from Lakewood sales tax when they purchase goods and services for their regular charitable functions and activities. To qualify for exemption, an organization must complete an Application for Certificate of Exemption.


Schools (as defined under Section 3.01.020 of the Lakewood Ordinance).

General hospital (attach a copy of license pursuant to sections 25-3-101 and 25-3-102 of Colorado Revised Statutes).

Charitable organizations also include other entities as defined under Section 3.01.020 of the Lakewood Ordinance.


An organization qualifies only if it is exclusively organized for one of the above stated purposes-or if it is a governmental entity or political subdivision, such as a public school district, city or county. Not all non profit organizations qualify for tax-exempt status. 

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