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Current and Upcoming Exhibits

First Tracks: Ski and Snowboard Design, Then and Now

September 24, 2015-February 27, 2016
Exhibit Open 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Tuesday-Saturday
Radius Gallery, Lakewood Heritage Center

The first tracks made by flat wooden skis occurred thousands of years ago. Over the past decades, ski use has changed immensely from a mode of travel and exploration to a form of entertainment and competition. With this transformation, graphic designs on skis and snowboards have gained a place of importance alongside technological advancements. The fashions and graphics chosen by a manufacturer or an individual skier represent singular styles as well as the desire to engage with nature as a community. Visit First Tracks to learn about the birth of snowboarding, experience ski culture on film and lose yourself in the inspiring designs of several local snow sports companies.

 First Tracks Exhibit

Above & Beyond
Studio Art Quilt Associates in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah

January 22-March 26
FREE Opening Artist Reception: 5-7 p.m., Jan. 22
North and Mezzanine Galleries, Lakewood Cultural Center

There are few limits to 21st Century quilts and associated stitched fiber. The show, "Above & Beyond" offers an unrestricted artistic space for selected members of Studio Art Quilt Associates to explore. The title of the show is a metaphor for the vast area of creative possibilities open to contemporary art quilters and fiver artists. The viewer will experience everything from landscape to dreamscape, the universal to prosaic, quantum to microscopic. The range of possibility is wide open. The show will feature leading edge pieces that may use traditional methods of quilting, cutting edge experimental techniques and anything in between. This show will challenge the audience's understanding of a quilt.

 Above and Beyond Quilt Exhibit

Kimono Kakushin or "True Mind"

January 22-March 26
FREE Opening Artist Reception: 5-7 p.m., Jan. 22
James J. Richey Gallery, Lakewood Cultural Center

"Surface designa kimono" was the challenge set for Boundless Fiber Artists, an art critique and exhibit group formed seven years ago in Colorado. Using wearable kimono from Japan, artists applied their skills and intuition to create these works, using kimono as substrate. Each 2-D or 3-D kimono meets the Student Art Quilt Associates definition of a quilt. Techniques and materials include originally designed fabric, paint, dye multiple digital and layering, and of course, stitch.

 Kimono Kakushin Exhibit

Your Story: 365 Photos of Lakewood

January 1-December 31
FREE Opening Artist Reception: 4-7 p.m., Friday, Jan. 29
At 5 p.m., join "Lost Ski Areas" authors Caryn and Peter Boddie to solve the mystery of ski resorts long gone with their own fascinating photographic tour.

Lakewood Heritage Center Hallway, Lakewood Heritage Center

 Did you know Lakewood Heritage Center has over 4,000 historic photographs? Many of these photographs came to the collection without dates, locations or names. We need your help to solve this mystery! There will be a different series of photographs in the exhibit hall and on the Facebook page each month for visitors to view.

 Your Story Photos Exhibit

Jeffco Schools Foundation Middle School Art Exhibit

April 6-May 1
FREE Opening Artist Reception: 5-7 p.m., Thursday, April 21
North and Mezzanine Galleries, Lakewood Cultural Center

Lakewood once again is pleased to host the Jefferson County Middle School Art Exhibit sponsored by the Jeffco Schools Foundation. This exhibit showcases the most outstanding student work and conveys the artistic skill, quality of design and higher level thinking of middle school students.

 Jeffco Middle School Art Exhibit

Jefferson County Teachers Exhibit

April 6-April 29
FREE Opening Artist Reception: 5-7 p.m., Thursday, April 21
James J. Richey Gallery, Lakewood Cultural Center

The tenth annual juried Teachers Exhibition will be held concurrent with the Middle School Art exhibition. This exhibition features the work of instructors currently teaching in the Jefferson County elementary, middle and high schools. Artwork includes a wide variety of mediums including painting, photography, mixed media, fiver and pottery.

Jeffco Teachers Art Exhibit

The Mountain Air: The Beginning of a Healthy Colorado.

April 9-August 20
FREE Opening Artist Reception: 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday, April 16
Radius Gallery, Lakewood Heritage Center

 Colorado is currently one of the top ten healthiest states in America. But how did the state start its involvement with the mind, body and spirit of residents and visitors? Clear mountain air and sunshine first lured tuberculosis patients to Colorado for treatment one hundred years ago, including to Lakewood's Jewish Consumptive Relief Society. Immerse yourself in the compelling photographs and rapidly changing medical practices of local pharmacies and doctor offices, St. Anthony Hospital and the Hospice at St.John- the first inpatient hospice program west of the Mississippi. As an advertisement to tuberculosis patients instructed: "Come west and get life!"

 Mountain Air Exhibit

Spirit of Lakewood Gallery

Permanent ongoing installation, Lakewood Heritage Center

Lakewood Heritage Center’s permanent gallery highlights significant local events through the 20th century including early settlers, May Bonfils-Stanton’s ownership of farmland, which later became city municipal buildings, Villa Italia mall and up to Lakewood’s incorporation as a city. Permanent ongoing installation.


Corner Gallery

Corner Gallery, Lakewood Cultural Center

Corner Gallery inside Lakewood Cultural Center serves the needs of the local arts community for rentable space. Come by monthly to see what's new!

September: Anne Van Leeuvan, Paper
October: Jerry Halsor, Bronze Sculpture
November: Behind the Art: Ski and Snowboard Design
December: Carolyn Weidner, Oil Paintings


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