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Energy & Water Resource Center

Explore the Energy & Water Resource Center to find ways you can save energy, water and money, while helping make Lakewood a more sustainable community.

Energy 101 (2)

Energy 101

Learn more about our energy system
and Lakewood's energy goals.

Water 101

Water 101

Learn more about the water cycle
and Lakewood's water goals.

Developer (1)

Resources for Developers

Learn more about developing a cost-effective,
sustainable project from the ground up
 or through remodels.

Home (1)

Resources for Homeowners & Renters

Discover programs and tips to make your
home as comfortable and efficient
as possible.


Resources for Businesses

Discover opportunities to reduce energy and
costs by improving your business space and operations.

Sustainable living

Other Sustainable Living Resources

Discover other tools and tips to help you eat,
travel, shop and enjoy life more sustainably.