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City Council's Zero Waste Initiative

City Council’s Zero Waste Initiative


WHEREAS, City Council is committed to conserving resources and protecting the environment; and

WHEREAS, small changes in our daily lives can have a big impact on our environment; and

WHEREAS,in the spirit of Earth Day, council members will protect our environment and contribute to a healthy, sustainable Lakewood; and

WHEREAS, this initiative complements sustainable efforts in the City such as the Sustainable Neighborhoods Program, the annual Sustainability Awards, the City’s first Sustainability Plan and other programs.

WHEREAS, council members desire to incorporate best practices in their own work life.

NOW, THEREFORE, on behalf of the City Council and the people of the City of Lakewood, I, Bob Murphy, Mayor of the City of Lakewood, Colorado, by virtue of the authority vested in me, do hereby proclaim the Zero Waste Initiative, which is a list of best practices for zero waste for city councilmembers of the City of Lakewood.

Given under my hand and Seal of
the City of Lakewood this 14th day of April, 2014, A.D.

Bob Murphy, Mayor



Best Practices for Lakewood City Council

April, 2014

Below is a list of suggestions in order for us to incorporate best practice at our meetings and daily practices. These are some guidelines where we can make a difference in our own behavior.


• Council members support their use of glasses/ceramic mugs or other reusable cups at their meetings. Water will be provided in pitchers.
• Council members support the avoidance of their use of plastic water and drink bottles. If not practicable, council members will place their plastic bottles in a recycle bin.

Food/catering Sources
• Council members support staff selecting caterers/vendors who use recycled materials, minimal packaging and re-usable utensils for City Council meals.
• Council members support the rinsing of their own food containers and placing in a recycle bin when possible.

• Council members will encourage each other to recycle materials including lunch boxes, plastic bottles and aluminum cans, etc.
• Council members are encouraged to rinse out recycle containers prior to being placed in recycle bins.

• Council members encourage the public to provide information at their council meetings in electronic form.
• Council members are encouraged to request electronic publications in lieu of hard copies of the publications.
• Council members are encouraged to request other organizations provide electronic newsletters.

Ward Meetings
• Council members are encouraged to follow best practices at their ward meetings

Food Waste
• Council encourages exploration of options for composting food waste.


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