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Martial Arts and Fencing

Youth and Adult Martial Arts Adult Fencing Class

Lakewood Recreation offers a variety of martial arts and fencing classes for youth and adult participants year round.

Martial Arts


Tae Kwon Do at Green Mountain Recreation Center, 303-987-7834
Ages: 8 and up
One day/ week: $39 Resident, $55 Nonresident
Two days/week: $69 Resident, $89 Nonresident

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Tae Kwon Do at the Link, 303-987-7834
Ages: 6 and up
1 day/week: $35 Resident, $45 Nonresident
2 days/week: $59 Resident, $75 Nonresident
3 days/week: $79 Resident, $99 Nonresident

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Kinder Kicks at The Link, 303-987-7834
Ages: 3-5
$29 Resident, $39 Nonresident

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Foothills Tae Kwon Do at Charles Whitlock Recreation Center, 303-987-5407
Ages: 8 and up
$39 Resident, $55 Nonresident

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Beginning Fencing

This introduction to the Olympic sport of Foil Fencing includes a history of fencing, weapons, and basic fencing technique and strategy. We teach competition in a safe and fun environment. Participants will end the class with a tournament competing against their peers. The class is for beginners and those from other beginning classes who are interested in furthering their foil skills. A $25 fee will be collected at the first class for a personal fencing glove (which each student can keep), insurance and maintenance of the other fencing equipment.


Ages: 12 and up
$75 Resident/$89 Nonresident
Where:The Lakewood Link Recreation Center

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For more information please call 303-987-7842.

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