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Trails at Bear Creek Lake Park

Soft Surface Trails

The park features nearly 15 miles of soft-surface (primarily dirt) trails for users of all abilities. Most trails are open to horses, pedestrians and mountain bikes. The trails in the park are:

  • Owl Trail: 0.7-mile loop, 0.5-mile extension. Hiker Only. Very nice trail through a riparian area.
  • Fitness Trail: 1.6 miles. Meanders through prairie ecosystem with workout stations along the route.
  • Cowen Trail: 1.4 miles. Short grass prairie hike through the former Cowen town site.
  • Fisherman’s Trail: 1.3 miles. Scenic trail along the shore of Bear Creek Reservoir, with access to many fishing sites.
  • Mount Carbon Loop: 6.9 miles. A long loop around the park, featuring the park’s highest point.
  • North Park Trail: 2.2 miles. Hilly trail through the short grass prairie on the north side of the park.
  • Cottonwood Trail: 1.1 miles. A winding trail through the riparian area along Bear Creek.


Paved Trails

These trails provide connections to two regional paved trail systems. These trails are plowed in the winter, providing great opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts year-round:

  • The Bear Creek Trail, connecting the South Platte corridor to Morrison.
  • The C-470 trail, connecting a large portion of the south and west Denver metro area.

Trail Etiquette

Be courteous, communicate and listen. The trails are for everyone! Please help ensure that ALL trail users have a good trail experience.


  • Yield to ALL other trail users
  • Slow to a safe passing speed
  • Make calm and friendly verbal contact prior to passing
  • Dismount for equestrians and make every effort to avoid frightening other users


  • Avoid blocking the trail
  • Yield to equestrians

All users must keep their dogs on a leash at all times.

Please help us protect your trails!

  • Avoid using wet or muddy trails
  • Avoid leaving the trail surface to pass
  • Follow proper yielding guidelines
  • Remain on designated trails
  • Stay on trail surface through puddles
  • Travel at a safe speed
  • Clean up after your pets
  • Leave no trace!



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