City of Lakewood Water-Saving Measures

Belmar Buildings

The City of Lakewood has made many efforts to save water in its City-owned buildings, parks, recreation centers, golf courses and other irrigated areas:


  • Installation of automatic toilets, sinks and other fixtures.


  • Using no single-pass cooling systems.


  • Low flow and dual flush toilets in recreation facilities.


  • Centrally controlled irrigation systems that monitor real time weather data for efficient watering.


  • Reduction use plans for golf courses.


  • Use of nonpotable irrigation water where possible.


  • Xeric plantings in medians and parks.


  • Ecouragement and technical assistance from planning staff to help residents and business owners use xeric plantings or low water use landscaping.


Overall the City maintains more than 17 million acres of irrigated landscaping and has consistently saved 33 percent of the total gallons needed to irrigate annually - based on recommendations from Denver Water - through careful monitoring to replace or fix faulty irrigation equipment and using centralized controllers. This effort saves approximately 38 million gallons of water each year.

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