Electronic Recycling

Electronics can be difficult to dispose of and pose some significant risks to environmental and human health. Heavy metals, toxic gasses and PCB plastics are some of the hazardous materials found in electronic goods. Please take time to recycle these items to reduce environmental impact and find a potential reuse for the materials.


Retailer Best Buy accepts used electronic items at their stores for free, regardless of when or where they were originally purchased  - please visit their e-cycle website for more information. Microsoft also offers electronic recycling services.


In addition, the City of Lakewood and other partner agencies hold annual public e-waste events. Please check this website for updates on coming events.


City government operations has a comprehensive e-waste recycling program designed to find a direct reuse for electronic items. If a reuse cannot be found, the item is recycled through an e-waste recycle contractor.




E Recycling

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