Local Food

Local food production is a vital component of sustainability. It gives the community access to healthy eating options, improves a community’s self reliance, can create new jobs, invigorates local food choices and allows the community a closer relationship to the food it consumes.


Harvest Mountain Farm Gardens is an example of a local, nonprofit food producer with a greenhouse, farm, farm stand and is capable of growing produce throughout the year. In addition to offering local food, Harvest Mountain Farm Gardens offers the Junior Master Gardener Program. The program teaches kids in grades 4 through 8 the principles and foundations of gardening and is a great way for kids to learn more about the food they eat.



Local Food Production in Lakewood

The City of Lakewood’s current zoning code allows for limited food production in approved residentially zoned districts.  The zoning code was written to allow a limited number of food producing animals (chickens, ducks, dwarf goats, and beehives) on smaller-lot residential and duplex residential zoning districts.

The new zoning code allows a larger portion of the community to produce food locally and create a more sustainable and vibrant Lakewood.


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