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All-America City

Lakewood Named All-America City and wins Diversity Award!

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Lakewood won a 2011 All-America City Award, which is sort of like winning a national championship.

Watch Lakewood's presentation to the jury
Watch the Awards Presentation

What it means
The award is about neighbors working together, schools and businesses finding ways to help each other and finding new ways to solve problems. The All-America City Award is a long-standing and prestigious award given by the National Civic League to 10 communities from across the country each year to recognize their ability to bring residents, organizations and government together to solve the challenges in their communities. Lakewood’s award recognizes the City’s collaboration with a wide range of community organizations and residents to accomplish three significant projects.

Diversity Award
The City also won an additional honor, the Diversity Award for extraordinary and innovative success in advancing diversity and inclusiveness in the community. The National Civic League gave the Diversity Award for the first time in 2011.

Lakewood’s winning projects
Lakewood submitted the three following projects for the award.

• First was the multiyear and multipronged planning effort to renew West Colfax Avenue and planning for coming West Corridor light-rail. The planning provided new zoning that expands land-use opportunities on Colfax and plans for the light-rail line and its stations to manage coming changes and to facilitate the best development in the right locations. This effort involved nearly a 1,000 residents
• Second is the Greening Lakewood Business Partnership to bring energy-efficient retrofits to the more than 1,500 older, existing office and commercial buildings in Lakewood.
• Third is the opening of the Jefferson County branch of the Boys and Girls Club at O’Connell Middle School in Lakewood, an effort that involved the entire community rallying around the goal of providing a special and safe place for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged youth in Lakewood.