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5.53.090 Renewal

A. As a prerequisite to renewal of an existing license issued pursuant to this chapter, the applicant must pay the annual license fee and file a completed renewal application with the City Clerk not less than forty-five (45) days prior to the date of the license expiration. The City Clerk may waive the timely filing requirement where the licensee demonstrates in writing that the failure to timely file is not solely the result of the licensee’s negligence; provided that no renewal application shall be accepted by the City Clerk from any licensee after the license for which renewal is requested has expired.
B. A license that is under suspension may be renewed in accordance with this Section provided that such renewal shall not modify, alter, terminate, or shorten the period or term of the suspension. The suspension of a license shall not extend the term of the license or otherwise relieve the licensee from timely seeking renewal of the license in accordance with this section. The City Clerk may administratively renew a license. (Ord.O-2009-9 § 1, 2009)