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Chapter 2.56 - Lakewood Advisory Commission

2.56.010 Lakewood Advisory Commission Established
The Lakewood Advisory Commission for an Inclusive Community created by City Council Resolution 2007-48, as amended, is hereby established as a regular City Council advisory commission pursuant to Section 4.5 of the Charter and shall henceforth be known as the “Lakewood Advisory Commission.” (Ord. O-2018-16 § 1, 2018).

2.56.020 Mission Statement
In order to support Lakewood as a vibrant and inclusive community, the Lakewood Advisory Commission is an advocate and informed voice for the community by providing research and recommendations on local issues to the City Council.(Ord. O-2018-16 § 1, 2018).

2.56.030 Membership and Terms
A. The Lakewood Advisory Commission shall consist of thirty (30) members, each of which shall serve a three (3) -year term beginning January 1 and ending December 31. The members’ terms shall be staggered.
B. Those individuals who are members of ACIC as of the effective date of this Ordinance shall continue as members of the Lakewood Advisory Commission and shall fulfill the remainder of their existing terms.
C. Upon expiration of a term, the appointment or reappointment of a member shall be by City Council resolution upon recommendation of the City Council Screening Committee as set forth in the Council Policies and Procedures Manual.(Ord. O-2018-16 § 1, 2018).

2.56.040 Officers
The membership of the Lakewood Advisory Commission shall annually elect, from among all Lakewood Advisory Commission members, a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary who shall serve as the Officers of the Lakewood Advisory Commission. The Officers shall prepare and present an annual report to City Council.(Ord. O-2018-16 § 1, 2018).

2.56.050 Subcommittees; Chairs
The Lakewood Advisory Commission shall be divided into the three (3) subcommittees: Sustainability, Neighborhoods and Civic Awareness. Each subcommittee shall annually elect its own chair from the membership of the subcommittee.(Ord. O-2018-16 § 1, 2018).

2.56.060 Executive Committee
The Lakewood Advisory Commission shall have an Executive Committee, which shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and the three subcommittee chairs. The Executive Committee will work closely with the Commission Advisor for assignments and guidance on City Council requests for research and recommendations. The Executive Committee shall relay City Council assignments to the appropriate subcommittee(s) and shall ensure proper action/follow-up by such subcommittee(s).(Ord. O-2018-16 § 1, 2018).

2.56.070 Meetings
A. The Lakewood Advisory Commission shall meet monthly unless a meeting is cancelled for cause by a vote of the Executive Committee.
B. The subcommittees shall meet as necessary to work on and complete City Council requests for research and recommendations.(Ord. O-2018-16 § 1, 2018).

2.56.080 Commission Staffing
The City shall staff the Lakewood Advisory Commission with a Commission Advisor and a Commission Coordinator, which positions may be filled by a single individual, as determined by the City Manager.(Ord. O-2018-16 § 1, 2018).