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Chapter 2.55 - Budget and Audit Board

2.55.010 Budget and Audit Board Established
There is created and established the Budget and Audit Board for the purpose of serving as a financial oversight committee, reviewing financial statements and budget forecasts and providing feedback on budgetary compliance with City policies. (Ord. O-2018-12 § 2, 2018).

2.55.020 Board Composition, Chair
The Budget and Audit Board shall be comprised of six members, of which three shall be citizen members and three shall be members of the City Council. At the first meeting of each calendar year, the members of the Budget and Audit Board shall elect a Chair from among the three City Council members who shall serve for a one-year term. The Chair shall preside over all meetings and may undertake other duties as may be approved by the Board. (Ord. O-2018-12 § 2, 2018).

2.55.030 Appointments and Term of Office
After the initial terms as shown below, all citizen members shall be appointed by Council resolution for three-year terms commencing on January 1 and ending on December 31. The City Council members shall be appointed as stated in the Council Policies and Procedures Manual.

Initial terms are as follows: 
          Citizen Member - term ends December 31, 2020
          Citizen Member - term ends December 31, 2019
          Citizen Member - term ends December 31, 2021

(Ord. O-2018-12 § 2, 2018).