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Chapter 2.53 - Municipal Election Procedures

2.53.010 Regulating write-in candidate votes
No write-in vote for any municipal office shall be counted unless an affidavit of intent has been filed with the clerk by the person whose name is written in by close of business on the sixty-fourth (64th) day before the election indicating that such person desires the office and is qualified to assume the duties of that office if elected. (Ord. O-2015-13 § 1, 2015; Ord. O-91-44 § 2, 1991).

2.53.020 Provision for cancellation of elections
If the only matter before the voters is the election of persons to office and if, at the close of business on the sixty-third (63rd) day before the election, there are not more candidates than offices to be filled at such election, including candidates filing affidavits of intent, the clerk, if instructed by resolution of the governing body either before or after such date, shall cancel the election and by resolution declare the candidates elected. Upon such declaration the candidates shall be deemed elected. Notice of such cancellation shall be published, if possible, in order to inform the electors of the municipality, and notice of such cancellation shall be posted at each polling place and in not less than one other public place. (Ord. O-2015-13 § 2, 2015; Ord. O-91-44 § 3, 1991).