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2.52.230 Unlawful acts

It is unlawful:
A. For any person willfully and knowingly to circulate or cause to be circulated, or sign or procure to be signed, any initiative or referendum petition bearing the name, device, or motto of any person, organization, association, league, or political party, purporting in any manner to be endorsed, approved, or submitted by any person, organization, association, league or political party, without the written approval and authorization of such person, organization, association, league or political party;
B. For any person to sign any name other than his or her own to any initiative or referendum petition, or knowingly to sign his or her name more than once for the same measure at one election;
C. For any person to sign any initiative or referendum petition who is not at the time of signing the same a registered elector of the city;
D. For any person to sign an affidavit as circulator without knowing or reasonably believing the statements made in such affidavit are true;
E. For any person to certify that any affidavit attached to a petition was subscribed or sworn to before him or her unless it was so subscribed and sworn to before him or her, and unless such person so certified is duly qualified under the laws of the state to administer an oath;
F. For any election official or other person to willfully conspire or agree or confederate, with another or others, to do any act which shall hinder, delay or in any manner interfere with the calling, holding or conducting of any election permitted under the initiative and referendum powers reserved by the people in Section 1 of Article V of the Constitution of the State and this chapter, or of registering electors therefore;
G. For any election official to do willfully any act which shall confuse or tend to confuse the issues submitted or proposed to be submitted in any election held under this chapter, or refuse to submit any petition in the form presented for submission at any election under this chapter; or
H. For any officer or person to willfully violate any provision of this chapter. (Ord. O-2004-21 § 10, 2004; Ord. O-94-3 § 1 (part), 1994).