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2.52.030 Initiative procedures

A. Any initiated measure shall be in the form of an ordinance, legislative in character, the original draft of which shall be submitted to the City Clerk before the petition relating thereto is circulated to the registered electors of the city. Proponents are encouraged to write such drafts in plain, non-technical language and in a clear and coherent manner using words with common and everyday meaning which are understandable to the average reader. Within ten days after submission, the City Clerk, with the assistance of other city officials as the Clerk deems necessary, shall designate and fix a fair title, submission clause, and summary to the proposed ordinance which shall correctly and fairly express the true intent and meaning of the proposed ordinance. Titles shall be brief, shall not conflict with titles selected for any petition previously filed for the same election, and shall be in the form of a question which may be answered "FOR THE ORDINANCE" to vote in favor of the proposed measure or "AGAINST THE ORDINANCE" to vote against the proposed measure and which shall unambiguously state the subject matter of the ordinance sought to be added, amended, or repealed.
B. If any registered elector submitting such initiated petition is not satisfied with the title, submission clause, or summary as provided, and claims it to be unfair, or that it does not fairly express the true meaning and intent of the proposed measure, such person may file a motion for a hearing with the City Clerk within seven days after the return of the petition to the persons submitting it, which hearing shall be had within two business days thereafter. If the City Clerk rules against the registered elector submitting such initiated petition, then upon the filing of a written request, a certified copy of the petition with the title, submission clause, and summary of such proposed measure, together with a certified copy of such motion for hearing and of the ruling thereon, shall be furnished to the parties by the City Clerk and, if filed with the Clerk of the District Court for Jefferson County within five days thereafter, shall be docketed as a cause there pending and disposed of as expeditiously as circumstances permit.(Ord. O-2004-21 § 2, 2004; Ord. O-94-3 § 1 (part), 1994).