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Chapter 2.05 - Removal of Members of the Lakewood City Council

2.05.010 Removal
The City Council shall have the power to remove its members from office, including the Mayor, for cause, upon a vote of not less than three-fourths of all members of the City Council. (Ord. O-2002-17 § 1, 2002).

2.05.020 Cause for removal
The following enumerated matters shall be the reasons for removal of a City Council member from the City Council:
A. Physical or mental disability rendering the Council member unable to perform Council duties;
B. Absences from regular City Council meetings or study sessions when such absences equal thirty (30) percent of all regular City Council meetings and study sessions in a calendar year;
C. For a Council member, lack of residence in ward from which elected; for the Mayor, lack of residence within the City;
D. Knowing disclosure of confidential information. Confidential information means information which is not available to the general public under applicable laws, ordinances and regulations, and which is obtained by reason of the Council member's position with the City.
E. A conviction of a violation of the Colorado Constitution or Colorado Statutes, which conviction prohibits serving as a Council member. (Ord. O-2002-17 § 1, 2002).

2.05.030 Procedure
A. Charges shall be brought against the Council member by a majority vote of all members of the City Council;
B. The charged Council member shall be provided written notice of the charge or charges and the time and place of the hearing on said charge or charges, which hearing shall be held before the City Council;
C. The charged Council member may be represented by counsel. The City Council shall appoint special counsel to conduct the hearing and present evidence;
D. The hearing shall be conducted in a quasi-judicial forum. The allegations shall be presented on behalf of the City, by special counsel selected by the City.
E. At the hearing, which shall be open to the public, the parties shall have the right to:
1. Present testimony.
2. Produce evidence.
3. Cross-examine witnesses.
4. Be represented by legal counsel.
(Ord. O-2002-17 § 1, 2002).

2.05.040 Vacancy
Vacancy shall be filled as provided by City Charter. A Council member may not be removed a second time for the same offense. (Ord. O-2002-17 § 1, 2002).