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Aqua Fitness

Aqua Fitness Fun Week is July 30-August 4!

Make a point to explore Lakewood's variety of aqua fitness classes during Aqua Fitness Fun Week, July 30-August 4Check out the full schedule of classes and pick one to try out. All Aqua Fitness classes on Wednesday and Thursday, August 1 and 2, will be FREE! So if you've never tried it before, dive in and see how you like it! Or if you're a regular, bring a friend and introduce them to a fun activity you can enjoy together.


Then, join us on Saturday, August 4 at Morse Park Pool for the 10 a.m. for an Aqua Fitness Fun Party! There will be free snacks and beverages for participants of the Aqua Zumba class.

Contact Information:

Aqua Fitness Specialist
Direct: 303.987.7833 | Email:


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