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40 West ArtLine

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What is the 40 West ArtLine?

The 40 West ArtLine is an exciting new amenity being developed in the heart of the 40 West Arts Creative District along historic West Colfax Avenue and the W Line in Lakewood, Colorado. When the ArtLine opens in mid-2018, this 4-mile walking and biking arts experience will connect parks and other destinations in 40 West. Supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the ArtLine is envisioned to become a special place for the Lakewood community and for others living in and visiting the metro Denver region.

Click here to see a map of the route

The ArtLine Route Pilot Project

The City of Lakewood and community volunteers installed an ArtLine pilot project in October 2017 to test ideas and materials that can be used along the entire route in 2018 to help guide visitors and brand the experience. The key pilot project elements included painting a green line and painting ground murals.

The City of Lakewood Traffic Department painted the green line to test the width, color and longevity of the paint. Green was selected because it’s the primary brand color, reflects the importance of the ArtLine in connecting the three major parks in northeast Lakewood, and is a common color used for pedestrian and bicycle pavement markings.

Community volunteers painted ArtLine “pattern logo” ground murals at two intersections along the pilot project route. Similar ground murals are envisioned to be painted at key intersections along the full route in 2018. The painting will be facilitated by a community muralist, Carlos Fresquez, with assistance from many community volunteers. Check back soon for information about how to volunteer. Community volunteers also painted a hopscotch game mural, designed by 40 West Artist in Residence James Overstreet, outside the entrance to Mountair Park Community Farm. Artists will paint additional game and art ground murals along the route in 2018.

Public Art


More than 50 artist proposals were received through a widely promoted public Call for Art in early 2017. The volunteer ArtLine art selection panel, consisting of about one dozen community members from throughout Lakewood, reviewed the proposals and invited semi-finalist artists to create full concepts. Several art elements have been selected, and others will be posted here soon.

Art in the Park

Mountair, Aviation and Walker-Branch Parks will each have one major art installation and these will be the most significant artworks along the ArtLine. The park art reflects the type of art the community said they wanted to see along the ArtLine, including interactive, functional and land art. The art in each park will be distinct, but has a fun, common theme inspired by dinosaurs (!) and will be created by one artist team, called PUNCH. The design concepts can be seen here.

Art on the Route

These site-specific, interactive art installations will be unique "treasures" to discover along the ArtLine. The art elements will engage people along the 4-mile route and make the experience more interesting. The art will include both permanent and temporary installations and will be created by many different artists. Additional Connective Tissue art elements will be placed along the route in the future to create a dynamic, evolving experience that will allow new artist opportunities and create fresh experiences for visitors. Selected Connective Tissue elements to-date include works by Maureen Hearty and Timothy Flood.

Creative Route Delineation 

These art elements will convey the ArtLine brand and will be the visual framework for the ArtLine experience to ensure consistent, recognizable elements for people walking or biking along it. The cohesive and repetitive wayfinding art elements will include vertical sculptures and ground murals, created by artists and the community that will be placed in strategic locations to help people visually navigate the route.


Have Fun! Get Involved!

Want to get involved? A volunteer ArtLine Champions Group is helping with the next steps in bringing the ArtLine to life by finalizing public art decisions and planning the launch celebration for mid-2018. Please contact Alexis Moore at for more info.

Thank you to the 350+ people who responded to the community survey! We received great feedback and many unique ideas to help shape the future ArtLine experience. The summary of the community input received during Fall of 2016 is  here . A graphic summary of the multiple choice survey results can be found  here .


Contact Information:

Alexis Moore
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