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City Conserves Water

We are doing our part in the current drought, and are committed to sustainable practices and conservation. Lessons learned in the 2002 drought and data collected over the years helps us determine exactly how much water is needed to avoid costly renovation of drought-damaged park vegetation, which becomes very costly and detrimental to public use in the long run.


• Denver Water (our regional water provider), and the water districts that fall under its jurisdiction, recognize the importance outdoor public spaces play in the lives of our residents.
• To keep parklands usable, Denver Water has approved a water-budgeting strategy for the City of Lakewood and other large-volume irrigators. Water budgeting means a specific amount of water has been allocated to use as necessary throughout the season. Watering a large park area is very different than watering a residential property, so the City is able to spread the allocated water budget across multiple days of the week throughout the summer.
• The City will not water during the heat of the day between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., but residents may notice some daytime watering in areas that contain new sod such as Addenbrooke Park. This is allowed under Denver Water’s regulations.


Spray Parks

• Denver Water has issued the City of Lakewood an exemption allowing the operation of public spray parks so that residents may continue to enjoy these facilities. Both Surfside Spray Park and the spray pad at Ray Ross Park will be operational Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.
• The water used at the spray parks is filtered and recycled so that very little water is required once the facility is operational for the season. Learn more about our spray parks


Golf Courses and Bear Creek Lake Park

• Fox Hollow and Homestead golf courses and Bear Creek Lake Park use raw, untreated water from Bear Creek for irrigation of the courses and landscaped areas.  The City's use of this water is not regulated by Denver Water. However, we have conservation plans in place to reduce watering of the golf courses as necessary throughout the summer.
• The swim beach at Bear Creek Lake Park is open for swimming this summer.


Help Us Stretch Every Drop!

• Learn more about the City of Lakewood's water-saving measures and ongoing sustainability efforts.

• Be familiar with the water restrictions now in place for our Stage 1 Drought.

• Learn more about principles of Xeriscaping to help stretch water in your landscaping.

• Share Stretch's poster!

• Visit for many more tips, watering times, reservoir levels, and much more.



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